An open-door, open-minded atmosphere.

At Hancock Askew, we seek talented individuals, and help them evolve into experienced accountants. From the beginning, you’ll enjoy diverse assignments for a wide range of clients – from small businesses to large corporations, public and private. Mentoring and continuing education programs contribute further to your professional development.

But it’s not “all work and no play.” To nurture trust and respect, Hancock Askew provides busy-season perks and hosts regular employee gatherings, often with families. Favorite events include Employee Appreciation Day, holiday lunches and casual indoor and outdoor celebrations. The Employee Appreciation Day runs the gamut from picnics to dressy affairs, the venue and activities change each year. What does not change are the significant achievement awards which include gift cards, cash and trips. At Hancock Askew, we always strive to maintain a healthy work-life balance.

Perhaps most important, Hancock Askew is a supportive, encouraging organization – the kind of place where initiative and intelligence matter, and where you can comfortably ask assistance from your fellow team members, partners and principals.

Hancock Askew Firm Appreciation Event 2012