Retailers, Restaurants and Hospitality

We serve many types of retailers and restaurants. From franchise locations of large chains to the large chains themselves. Our clients include retailers selling auto parts, clothing, various supplies and general goods. Our restaurant clients include small mom & pop and sole proprietors as well as large chains and franchise locations.

Hancock Askew can contribute to your bottom line by analyzing financial and tax issues through each stage of your store or restaurant’s life cycle. We can help you maximize your tax or depreciation deductions by performing a cost segregation study, reviewing charitable contributions of inventory, and determining whether to use book or tax treatment of inventory.

In today’s crowded, segmented, and highly competitive market, you need a forward thinking, innovative team who delivers superior custom led solutions. The team at Hancock Askew is experienced and seasoned in dealing with the range of demands that retail and restaurant owners face on a day to day basis. Hancock Askew strives to provide first-rate customer service, just like you do, and we take a proactive approach ensuring you reach your true potential.

Services we provide to our clients:

Non-Traditional Accounting Services

  • Restaurant Employment Tip Credits
  • Renewal Community/Work Opportunity Tax Incentives
  • Traditional/Non-Traditional Financing
  • Budgets, Projections, and Benchmarking
  • Cash Flow Analysis
  • Restaurant/Retail Business Valuations
  • Tax Exam Assistance
  • Work with Franchises, Clubs, Quick Service, & Fine Dining Establishments

Traditional Accounting Services

  • Tax Preparations and Planning
  • Sales and Other State/Local Tax Services
  • Audit/Review/Compilation of Financial Statements
  • Compensation and Benefits Solutions
  • Cost Segregation and Accelerated Depreciation Strategies
  • Succession Planning and Wealth Services
  • Accounting and Software Solutions