Forensic Accounting Services

Hancock Askew assists companies concerned about financial discrepancies or specific projects
related to lawsuits, investigations, contract disputes or other matters related to financial fraud
or irregularities.

Our team of forensic accountants and certified public accountants, investigators and
researchers are thoroughly trained and will not only find financial discrepancies, they’ll find
out who, what, where, why, when and how-all during the course of our forensic accounting
financial investigation.

More importantly, Hancock Askew can also help provide consulting services to analyze internal
controls, make recommendations and implement systems and new controls (automated
and manual) to prevent internal or external fraud from happening again with a specific focus
toward risk and exposure evaluation.

Our forensic accounting services provide effective solutions to complex business problems that
result in improved client profitability and minimized submitted loss exposures.

When a client decides to pursue legal recourse, Hancock Askew will be there every step of the
way, ready to perform analysis and then follow up on the stand as expert witnesses to testify
about the specifics of the crime uncovered during the forensic accounting investigation. We will
customize our services to meet our client needs in these areas of specialization:

• Fraud Detection
• Litigation support/expert testimony in litigation matters
• Discovery Assistance
• Forensic Audits
• Royalty Audits
• Damage Computation
• Claims Analysis
• Determination of Compliance
• Probate matters
• Trusts and estate disputes
• Conservatorship and power of attorney investigations
• Marital dissolutions
• Partnership dissolutions
• Embezzlement investigations