International Services

International & U.S. Multi-State Experience

Hancock Askew serves a number of multinational companies. We offer a wide range of services to assist companies in navigating international rules to identify risks and opportunities.

Our experts can assist your company with basic and sophisticated structuring, including choosing among branch and subsidiary, tax-efficient acquisitions and joint ventures, tax arbitrage, and effective use of low-tax jurisdictions. In addition, we offer risk management and compliance to assist you with transfer pricing issues and reporting.

In addition to the domestic benefits that our firm receives from the BDO Alliance USA, we also gain the opportunity to conduct business on a global scale. Through the Alliance program, we have access to the resources of the global BDO network with offices in 151 countries around the world.

BDO is one of the six networks on the Global Public Policy Committee, which enables their distinctive input into the steps needed from the industry to address the role of an auditor and the expectations from clients, investors and other stakeholders. Member firms are regularly inspected on all aspects of service delivery, including independence, training requirements and quality control.

Member firms of BDO have also established the International Tax Steering Committee, comprising leading tax professionals from around the world. The Committee draws on professional experience to provide a high level of quality service to clients across all tax jurisdictions.

The BDO International Tax Consulting practice and the BDO Audit Manual, a core technical document that complies fully with international auditing standards, help us to ensure we are working with the most current tax and accounting regulations.

Hancock Askew provides services to several U.S. multi-state companies. Multi-state taxes can account for more than half of a business’ tax liability; our experts understand the impact of state and local taxes on a business. With over 80,000 state and local tax jurisdictions nationwide, state and local laws, statutes, regulations and rules are constantly changing and expanding.

Our professionals can assist you with identifying, planning, implementing and managing innovative programs to help minimize state and local taxes in the areas of income and franchise tax, property tax, sales and use tax, abandoned and unclaimed property and tax incentives.