Services for Executives with Stock-Based Compensation

Many executives who work for large public or private companies receive compensation based on the underlying equity performance of their company.  Stock–based compensation can take many forms including stock options, restricted stock, and performance stock units.  In addition, executives are often eligible to participate in deferred compensation plans, supplemental retirement plans and other special compensation benefits.  All of these benefits have significant tax ramifications.  Proper planning can result in substantial tax savings by taking advantage of capital gain tax rates when available, avoiding alternative minimum tax, or deferring taxation.

Hancock Askew & Co. has the expertise and experience to help executives navigate through the myriad of decisions that must be made with stock-based compensation.  We coordinate with our client’s investment advisors to help plan a proactive strategy to minimize taxes and maximize cash flow.

Our services include:

• Stock option planning for incentive (ISOs) and nonqualified stock options (NQSOs)

• Analysis and advice surrounding IRC Sec 83(b) elections

• Analysis of restricted stock awards and restricted stock units

• Analysis of stock appreciation rights and performance stock units

• Analysis of deferred compensation participation for equity awards

• Planning for retirement

• Income tax planning and compliance

• Estate, gift and trust tax services