Tax Services for High Net Worth Families

High net worth families have financial planning and tax considerations that differ from those of other taxpayers.  Increased investment activity often results in tax filing complexities and also allows for tax planning  strategies that require an advisor with expertise and experience.

At Hancock Askew we work in coordination  with our client’s attorneys and financial advisors creating an integrated approach to the financial and tax issues unique to each client.  We  ensure that all tax filings are handled in a timely and accurate manner.  Our tax planning capabilities include  projections to evaluate the tax consequences of alternative planning scenarios including capital gain timing and charitable gifting.  We also use projections to find ways to minimize regular and alternative minimum tax and to plan for the cash flow required to meet tax obligations.  Our services for high net worth families include:

• Federal and state income tax return preparation

• Estimated tax payment calculations

• Income tax planning and projections

• Estate, gift and trust return preparation

• Administration and tax services for charitable trusts and private foundations

• Bill paying services

• Tax services for family partnerships and LLCs